BEKAM started its work years before it took this name and became a legal entity. In 2005, a few thought volunteers started to work by organizing periodic seminars with an amateur spirit and a civil initiative. These studies have matured over the years. The necessity of being more comprehensive, target-oriented and disciplined led the works to be covered by a legal entity. In 2013, we gained legal personality as a civilian academy of thought.

Our aim is to contribute to the quality of people. We walk with honor to work with people who have no pretensions in the field of social sciences, but who are sincere, persistent and diligent.

We want that we can have a say in another field besides and beyond our field of expertise. Let's create more in-depth positions in our field of expertise. Let's raise the thought to the altitude it deserves.


BEKAM envisages a three-year training process. The first year of this is a period that we call the "Seminar Period", in which the student is passive and the teacher is active. Student attends seminars. Reads the specified book and/or article, takes notes and asks questions. However, they do not have responsibilities such as preparing an assignment, giving a presentation. He can take as many seminars as he wants. There is no obligation to attend the seminars. At the end of one year (two semesters), the participant is subjected to an exam from the seminars he has taken. The student who is found successful by the academic committee is considered to have passed the second stage.

Not every student who continues to the first stage has to take the entrance exam to the second stage. Every participant who does not take the second stage exam or who does not succeed will have the right to attend the first stage seminars as many times as they want.

The second phase will again consist of two periods. We call this period the “Negotiation Period”. In this process, the participant will be able to choose a maximum of two fields/courses each semester. In this process, the participant and the teacher will be equally active. The teacher will assign the participant about the topics, assignments and presentations. These tasks are; presentation, writing, debate, negotiation, etc. may be of the species. The negotiation period can last for a maximum of two years. While the student who is found successful passes to the next level, a second right is given to the participant who is not successful or does not participate in the evaluation, and he/she works for one more year. If he is not successful in the second year, he leaves the education process.

The participant of the Negotiation period, which is found successful by the academic board, passes to the third and last term, the “Thesis Period”. The duration of this period is a maximum of two years. In this period, which is defined as a period in which the participant is active and the teacher is passive, a second year is granted to the participant who is not successful in the first year or does not take the assessment. During this period, the participant chooses a field and is expected to prepare an academic article/thesis in the company of his/her advisor. In this process, the participants are given the courses they need, such as writing thesis, literature recognition, spelling rules, in the form of seminars.

At the end of each academic year, the participants who prepare thesis/article present the thesis/article they have prepared in front of the academic committee and with the participation of the participants who wish. The participant who is qualified from the academic board is considered to have completed the training process. The thesis/article he prepared is published by BEKAM.


Within BEKAM, language courses are opened within the framework of needs and expectations. First of all, registered participants are required to attend these courses. It is desirable for every registered participant to learn a language and receive language support from BEKAM in their academic studies. However, it is okay for participants who are not registered to other studies to participate in language studies. When the number is limited, the priority is the registered participants of BEKAM, and external participants can be recruited for the vacant quotas.

BEKAM, education, culture, research, etc. It takes responsibility for all kinds of project work within the scope of the project and cooperates with NGOs, Universities, institutions and organizations for this purpose. The technical aspects of such projects are carried out by BEKAM management, and the execution of works and transactions is carried out under the academic board.

It gives special importance to joint undergraduate and graduate studies, research and project partnerships with universities. Social, political, economic, cultural research, survey, examination, reporting etc. It contributes to such projects either by doing it personally or as a partner.

Organizing panels with participants from home or abroad on almost every social, political, cultural, artistic and economic subject is one of BEKAM's main activities. With the exception of incidental situations, it is foreseen that regular and periodic panels will be held every month during the academic year (October-May).

Participation of registered participants in conferences and symposium-type events, especially in panels, is essential.

BEKAM library is open to all registered book lovers. Our library, which serves everyone, especially its participants, with its suitable environment to conduct research and work, is grateful for your book donations.