Call for Short Term ESC Volunteers

Call for Short Term ESC Volunteers

Within the scope of ESC Volunteering Projects carried out by BEKAM, an 8-week short-term call for volunteers has been opened. The deadline for application is April 28, 2024.


This activity aims to enable participants to gain social awareness and develop their career-related competencies. The main objectives of this activity are to contribute to the development of skills such as creativity, working in groups, adaptation to digital transformation, green skills, problem solving, intercultural dialogue. Some of our organization's activities are as follows: 

  • Sustainable environmental activities (planting, bee breeding, renewable energy applications) 
  • Psychosocial support to earthquake victims 
  • Science, arts, sports and language trainings for disadvantaged youth and children 
  • Humanitarian aid, 
  • Academic support for orphaned children, 
  • Vocational training courses for disadvantaged women, 
  • Activities for young people and adults such as bicycle tours, hiking, nature camping, 

Within the scope of this activity, the volunteer is expected to contribute to the visibility of our activities listed above in order to reach a wider audience.


Accommodation rooms are for two people. Food and beverage needs will be met by our organization in our facility and 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) will be provided. In addition, according to the data received from the distance band, travel support will be provided in the amount specified in the 2023 ESC application guide. Exceptional expenses such as visa, residence permit, etc. of the participants will also be covered by our organization.


Participants will develop their creativity skills, use of technology, group work and time management skills. They will be guided by mentors and experts who will provide them with a social scientific perspective to improve their problem solving skills. Topics such as digital transformation, new media, sustainable environment, green skills, participation in democratic life are also part of the trainings. All training processes will be planned together in line with the needs of the participating volunteer. In addition, the participant will determine which training he/she wants to receive.


The characteristics sought for young people who will volunteer in our organization are as follows: ⦁ Having the ability to take photos and/or videos, ⦁ To have editing-montage skills or to be interested in this field, ⦁ A predisposition to work in a team.


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