“Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change”

“Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change”

A seminar titled "Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change and Conservation of Energy Resources" was held this week in the ESC30 project named "Capacity Building with Youth" carried out by BEKAM.

“What is ecology, what is environmental sustainability, what is climate change and conservation of energy resources?”, “What are the important topics for the improvement and protection of ecological balance?”, “What is the importance of waste separation and recycling?”, “Environmental sustainability, climate change and energy What are the national and international practices related to the conservation of resources? After the expert presentation, answers were sought to the questions of the young people in the session, in which sub-headings such as these were discussed.

The next session of the “Capacity Building with Youth” project will be held on July 8, 2023 at 13.00 with the title of “Adaptation and Motivation of Young Volunteers to Civil Society Studies”.

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